Friday, April 21, 2006


最近囫圇吞了兩本書:白石一文的一瞬之光,Khaled Hosseini 的 The Kite Runner (追風箏的孩子)。

我沒有資格評論別人的著作,只能用直覺去感受。一瞬之光前半部傳遞的訊息很有力,所以最後的收場稍嫌虎頭蛇尾;The Kite Runner 是醫生的創作,起承轉合有點為了溫馨而溫馨。無論如何,在這樣混亂的生活中看完這麼厚實的書,還是不免佩服自己。

偶爾感覺心臟就要停止,為了克制想蹲在原地不動的脆弱,會想捉住任何一根稻草。近幾年的方法是找到別人的故事,轉移自己的想像。曾經在無助的情緒下,接連看了吉本芭娜娜的王國Vol.1 仙女座高台



Y. R. 言念平 said...

I keep getting her books from people I know, for some reason. I haven't read any of them. Can't get into her writing for some strange reason.

redcometchar7 said...

Hey, blindoc, you finish both book I recommended! ^.^ I'm only half way finish
一瞬之光 & I love the Kite Runner, love it... I even went back to the bookstore see if any book from the author (can't believe it's his first book). I like it how it touches upon guilt, courage, from a little boy point of view, humanity, how he adopts the kid... somehow it's like a movie I watch with dad when we were young...anyway, don't feel that 沒人會在乎你, your stuggle, etc. I do care. remember I said I share similar situation like you from a split second decision & can't even argue, can't even ... anyway...hang in there.

went back to watch an old japanese drama yesterday,
'in a longest game, if you're not hanging there along with it, how do you make all the way back to claim the vicotry?'

Hang in there!
kenbai desu ne!!!!

blinddoc said...

Dear yr,

I understand what you talked about. I can't get into some writers' books either. Even I don't know why.
But I do adore your articles.

Dear redcomet,

Everytime I read your message, I know you care about me. I'll visit 上海 next month. Then I'll see what you've seen; feel what you've felt there.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blindddoc,

Thanks for sharing. Actually, I personally like her books a lot, too. My favorites are “廚房,”and ”鶇.” Her earlier works let me feel that there always be a small but warm light waiting for me in the cold winter night. I could not get the similar feeling from her recent books, e.g., “盡頭的回憶” and “王國 vol.2 悲痛、失去事物的影子,以及魔法.” Maybe her writing styling has been changed???



blinddoc said...

Dear Jen-Yu

I've not read her recent books yet.

Thanks for sharing your personal feeling with me.